Document Service

Do you live in Florida and need your documents hand carried to a state of Florida office for apostil, certification, authentication, or just submission.

Florida Capital Courier Service

Thank you for choosing Florida Capital Courier Service for your document courier service. We specialize in hand carrying your important documents to the Secretary of State, for the purpose of attaining state notarization and/or certification. We work only in the state of Florida, and are an owner operated company. Although we primarily focus on authentication of adoption dossiers, we can accommodate any and all other commercial or personal documents for the purpose of state review, certification, and apostil.  Please feel free to call us with ANY questions.    Teresa (850) 524-5437     Rich (850) 524-6243

What you can expect from us:

Honesty, Integrity, Reliability: Because we live in the Florida Capital, your documents can be processed the SAME day they are received. We hand carry and wait for your documents to be processed, and promptly return them to you.

same day service is available for documents received before 3 p.m.

For documents received after 3:00 p.m., they are processed the next working day, and are sent in your pre-paid envelope back to you that same day.

Personalized Service: Each person is important and so are their document(s). We understand that these documents can be of vital importance to a legal process, to a pending adoption, or to any  number of other situations. FCCS is owner-operated, no one handles your documents but us.


  1. Prepare your documents, make sure that your notary has a valid and readable stamp (do not smudge or embellish notary seal in any way)
  2. Make yourself a photocopy of ALL documents, for your records
  3. Prepare your document(s) for shipping, FedEx, UPS, Priority Overnight, etc.
  4. Prepare a second envelope for your return documents, make sure you complete the billing information, or document(s) will not be returned to you.
  5. Place your documents in the envelope; place your return envelope in the envelope
  6. Check the procedure for state document authentication at: and include a money order for the correct amount for your document processing  (submitting a blank, signed check is fine too, and we will let you  know the exact amount paid to the Secretary of State.
  7. Include a second money order made out to: FCCS for the correct amount for courier service (see below for service fees) Place checks in envelope, seal and send

    Mail  or Fed Ex. (no signature required) all packages to:
    FCCS c/o Teresa Fillmon
    2330 Clare Drive
    Tallahassee, FL 32309

  8. When you have sent your documents, please notify us so we can expect their delivery. e-mail us at: and/or call us at: (850) 524-5437 (leave a message)  or  (850) 524-6243


  • $45.00 – 1 – 5  documents
  • $90.00 – 6 – 12 documents
  • $110 – 12-20  documents


If your documents are not correct, and we need to make a second trip, there is an additional $25.00 ‘trip charge’, plus the cost of the document stamp, and you will need to provide an additional pre-paid return envelope.