Florida Capital Courier Services

Florida Capital Courier Services is owned and operated by Rich and Teresa Fillmon.  Living in the Florida capital affords us the opportunity to hand carry time sensitive documents to the any Florida business and/or government office located in Tallahassee.

We not only courier adoption dossier’s, but ANY (LLC, Inc. applications, declarations, amendments, by-laws, renewals, IRP, insurance forms, Clerk of the Court, Tax Collector, FDLE clearances, court documents, etc.)  documents from individuals or businesses that need a time sensitive (hand carry) submission to any business or governmental office in Florida’s capital.   We treat your documents with utmost care and confidentiality, offering reliable and expedient services in Florida’s Capital.

All documents are given ‘same day service‘, if received before 3 p.m., otherwise documents are processed next working day.



Looking for:  Cornerstone Adoption Services, we have closed;
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